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The Board of Directors oversees CEIRA’s management, as well as ensures policies and guidelines collectively serve the best interest of members. The Board of Directors is comprised of ten (10) regulated egg producers; one (1) representative of the Canadian Hatchery Federation (CHF); one (1) representative of the Pullet Growers of Canada (PGC); and (1) representative appointed by Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC).

Kurt Siemens Chair
Maurice Richard (Vice-Chair) Quebec
Muneer Gilani Alberta
Fred Krahn British Columbia
Marvin Friesen Canadian Hatchery Federation
Peter Clarke Egg Farmers of Canada
Doug Pauls Manitoba
Kim Kelly New Brunswick
Joey Smallwood III Newfoundland and Labrador
Geneve Newcombe Nova Scotia
Bruce Ramage Northwest Territories
Leith Murray Prince Edward Island
Cal Dirks Pullet Growers of Canada
Regan Sloboshan Saskatchewan